The Vegan Society of Ireland is dedicated to promoting veganism as an ethical and sustainable lifestyle choice, advocating for animal rights and educating the public about the impact of their choices on other species and the environment. We strive to be the authoritative voice on vegan matters in Irish media and work towards policy changes to enshrine animal rights in Irish law.


The vision of the VSI is to foster a compassionate, sustainable lifestyle that benefits all species and the environment. We envision an Ireland where veganism is mainstream, animal exploitation is eradicated, and the government supports a transition to plant based agriculture, making Ireland a hub for plant based start-ups and a major producer and exporter of plant-based foods.


About Us

In 2022 the Vegetarian Society of Ireland held an AGM at which it was unanimously decided to change the name of the charity to The Vegan Society of Ireland.  The Vegetarian Society of Ireland had originally been set up in 1978.

Most of our work is done by volunteers and by a board of trustees who represent the charity.

Registered Charity No:  20035389