Dr. Ulrich Bartels

Tell us about your business?

Dr. Ulrich Bartels Ltd. is a holistic lifestyle and trauma informed practice for Women’s Health.  My team and I welcome women wishing support in their journey as a woman and through pregnancy and childbirth. Women shall feel empowered to share their whole story in a safe space.

What inspired you to start your business?

Give women an anchor to be themselves, share their journey and offer support as needed.

Why did you choose to offer a discount to Vegan Society of Ireland members?

Women who are vegan have already made a great step towards compassion: the least I can do is offer a small reward through a discount.

What does veganism mean to you and to your business?

“Vitally Engaged Guardians of Animals and Nature” = VEGAN.  In health care this is respect to our own nature: feed the body the foods that heal and fuel us in promoting wellbeing. Vegan also means you are healing the trauma of all the harm happening through the brutalisation which is animal agriculture.

Can you share a success story or a challenge that you have overcome as a business?

My work also engages me in the local hospital and University.  Both created barriers to sharing knowledge about nutrition. However I persisted and held a conference “Food-as-Medicine” in October 2023 and am spreading the teaching to my students.  Seeing them inspired is my greatest joy. Similarly, I have learned more and more to enable my patients to see the path to healing through food and the results are beyond my dreams: lifelong suffering reversed, dooming ill health in pregnancy averted, mums and babies saved. I am grateful every day for any person I had the honor of inspiring.

Of all the vegan products and services you offer, what is your favourite and why?

The biggest gift is when I enabled a woman to make sense of her story: guide her gently to see what has happened so far, how is it all connected, how did she get where she is now. The sharing of knowledge of food-as-medicine is my gift to my patients.

How do you see the future of veganism in relation to your business?

Veganism is the ethical backbone of “Food-as-Medicine” and one helps the other to empower people and nature and all sentient beings to the amazing symphony that is life on earth in its fullest.