Jiminy Eco Toys

Can you tell us a bit about your business?

Jiminy is Ireland’s eco toystore. A social enterprise that exists to inspire a playfully sustainable world, by making it easy to choose a gift that delights both the child and their planet! 100s of toys from babies through teens.

What inspired you to start your business?

I couldn’t buy the plastic-wrapped-in-more-plastic toys anymore. I wanted a gift I could feel good about but there were none in the toyshop. I decided, if not me now, then who when, to sort this out?

Why did you choose to offer a discount to Vegan Society of Ireland members?

Animal agriculture is massively unsustainable, so we only stock vegan edibles, and vegan living aligns well with our values.

What does veganism mean to you and to your business?

When I’m in control – when I’m ordering, when I’m buying, when I’m cooking – I order/buy/cook vegan. It’s a very positive thing to do for our world in so many ways (and healthier too).

We’re a toystore so most of our products are not food but toys! Nearly all of them are vegan-friendly (it’s not the culture among toy makers to get certified). And all our edibles (chocolate!) are vegan.

Can you share a success story or a challenge that you have overcome as a business?

We won the Chambers Ireland Sustainable Business Impact Award in 2022.
In 2024 we launched the Big Toy Swap initiative to support 10,000 pre-loved toys to be rehomed by kids around Ireland.

Of all the vegan products and services you offer, what is your favourite and why?

PLAYin CHOC! So clever, so sustainable, and so yummy!

How do you see the future of veganism in relation to your business?

We’ll continue as we are, but seek plant-based alternatives to beeswax for crayons, and to ethical sheepswool for our Christmas decorations.

Sharon, owner and creator of Jiminy Eco Toys